In the Parish of Orleans Clerk of Criminal District Court is the Chief Elections Officer.  He qualifies candidates for office in all municipal, parish, and state legislative elections. The Secretary of State qualifies candidates for statewide, congressional, state appellate and supreme court elections, and public service commission elections.

The clerk’s elections department conducts all training seminars for commissioners and commissioners-in-charge and sends all notices to supporting elections officials. These notices inform the appropriate officials of the crucial information concerning the election. The department also addresses any problems that may arise on election day.

After the polls close, and during days immediately following an election, the department tabulates totals, checks voting machine counts against the election night print-outs and prepare the payroll for the election workers. 

 3-Minute Limit to Cast Vote

Voters shall not remain in the voting machine longer than three minutes. The poll commissioners will notify voters when the three-minute limit has elapsed, and they have the authority to have any voter removed who exceeds said time limit (except in special circumstances).

Assistance to Voters

Voters who require assistance with voting must first notify the Registrar of Voters and provide a statement setting forth the necessity and reasons for assistance and shall furnish a certificate of a medical doctor or optometrist certifying the irremediable nature of the physical handicap in question. Thereafter, the voter is not required to furnish the information.  Said statement and certificate may be provided at the polls, and the poll commissioner will retain the documents for the Registrar of Voters office.  A voter also is entitled to receive assistance if he/she presents a “mobility impaired ID card” issued by the La. Dept. of Motor Vehicles, a paratransit card, or a letter of disability awards.  Also, if a voter is unable to read, he/she is allowed to have assistance.



Clerk of Criminal District Court Arthur Morrell, Orleans Parish’s Chief Elections Officer, said today that several changes have been put in place for those individuals who will qualify later this week for district attorney, criminal court judge, magistrate judge, civil district court judge, traffic and municipal court judge, and Orleans Parish School Board. Candidates seeking the position of Associate Justice, Louisiana Supreme Court, will submit their qualifications to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office in Baton Rouge

The Criminal District Court building remains closed to the public due to the pandemic. Therefore candidates will enter through the garage door opening on the S. White side of the building cattycorner to the District Attorney’s office. Because of social distancing requirements, only the candidate is allowed inside the building. Candidates must bring identification with them and are encouraged to review their voter registration information prior to arrival.

All candidates are encouraged to wear masks. The candidate’s temperature will be checked by security at the entrance. The candidate will then be directed to the Jury Duty Room where he or she will wait to be called up to the Clerk’s Office to complete the necessary paperwork and pay the associated filing fee.

Plexiglass partitions have been installed in the Clerk’s Office. The Elections staff will be wiping down surfaces between candidates. The portion of the qualifying process during which the candidate reviews his or her application and swears to its accuracy will be broadcast live on the Clerk of Criminal District Court’s Facebook page and posted to the Clerk of Criminal District Court’s website, www.opccdc.org.

Only cash, money order and certified checks will be accepted for payment of filing fees.  The fee to qualify for Orleans

Parish School Board is $230.00; for District Attorney, $450.00; for Municipal & Traffic Court Judge $750.00 and for Civil, Criminal, and Magistrate Judge $600.00

Qualifying will take place Wednesday, July 22 through Friday, July 24, 2020. Hours of operations are on 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Voter Assistance

Qualifying for Elected Office

Early Voting

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